Women courage and confidence

Women have always been a problem of lack of confidence in themselves that is incompatible with their innate tendency to self-belittle and the need to compete in a world of work that is still too masculine . Having highlighted too much the advantages of the “masculine” approach to entrepreneurship has done nothing but worsen the situation, leading the most tenacious women to confront themselves with standards unattainable from their point of view , to consider themselves less and less up to the situation , less acute, less intelligent, less enterprising, in short, a complete failure even before they really put themselves to the test. 

And yet, remember CNN Money , women like Oprah Winfrey, Wendy Kopp and many others will always be remembered as women who managed to exploit their femininity to succeed in the business world . Their strategy ? They became the model to follow for all employees , and they did it with a passion and intelligence that would involve anyone in one way or another related to their project.

In conclusion, therefore, what should women do to become successful entrepreneurs? Certainly stop thinking that the business world is destined to remain dominated by men. Secondly, women should analyze contemporary literature on entrepreneurship and success with greater detachment and criticality. 

Still, modesty and ambition goals are fine, as long as there are no victims. Finally, women should try not to forget that their strength comes from the passion with which they dedicate themselves to a project, and that only after having found the right source of inspirationfor themselves they can pass it on to others. Men and women have different ways to interpret and decline the rules of business, but this does not mean that one is necessarily better than the other, indeed. From this point of view, remaining faithful to one’s nature pays more .